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When it comes to business marketing, most business owners and marketers struggle with one of three problems.

You lack clarity. You're not clear and focused on who you serve.

You're not creative. You get stuck in your silo and struggle to stand out.

You're not consistent. You don't make it your mission to turn up and be present enough.

This leads to a crisis of confidence and then in the worse case, a reluctance to market at all.

Whether you are a small business, a family run manufacturing or professional service or a larger corporation, Vision B2B provides structured support to help you create and run an efficient and effective marketing function.


Marketing with Intent

Dad of four René Power and his virtual team of designers, developers, videographers, photographers, copywriters and social media specialists are focused on making you the most talked about, must have partner in your market with the minimum amount of fuss.

When you and your business are seen as 'expert', you attract the right business, charge the right price and achieve the optimum work-life balance. We call this Marketing with Intent. And it's built on making your target audience aware of you by Positioning your Expertise.

How we do it

Getting your ideal customer targeting and positioning aligned

Understand who your target audience is, what drives them and how to position how you can help them achieve their goals.

Sharing stories and expertise that resonates and entices them to start a conversation

Build a solid marketing system and stronger relationships with amazing content that position your value, products and service USPs.

Creating reliable marketing practices that become actionable daily habits

Help you design and integrate efficient and effective marketing plans that seamlessly draw on your best assets to attract customers.

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Craft a marketing plan in a day

Feeling lost? Need a real deep dive?

Our hybrid marketing plan in a day has helped manufacturers, agencies, councils and small business owners all take huge steps forward.

We take you through the process of clarifying your target customer, creating a realistic sales pipeline and outlining the marketing content and tactics to achieve objectives.

Now available as facilitated Zoom workshops, 2 x half day or one full day workshops.


Helping you get more comfortable with marketing

Seeking out the right support right now can be confusing and frustrating. It can feel impossible trying to keep up with what's current, important, and relevant – especially when it comes to your customers.

So, whether you are new to marketing, new to a marketing role, taking on a marketing role or need support in putting a solid and sustainable plan in place that works for your business, we ensure you stay focused, on message and focused on target customers.

Choosing a marketing consultant

Here's a short download with a bunch of non-negotiables that you might want to refer to if you are looking for marketing support in your business.

It will help you compare and contrast a short-list of marketing consultants or agencies you may be drawing up. Point 7 is always something that non-marketers wish they'd considered during their search.

Book a marketing PowerUp

Supercharge your marketing with hard hitting clarity, creativity, consistency and confidence delivered in a no-nonsense one hour recorded video call.

We cover most marketing related challenges incl:

  • Understanding your target customer
  • Firming up your positioning
  • Reviewing your marketing assets and activity
  • Mastering your niche
  • Auditing your website
  • Maximising social media
  • Planning and creating content blog posts
  • Producing lead magnets
  • Creating email marketing workflows

Join the group for aspiring experts

Our free to join Marketing with Intent Group for Experts is THE Facebook group for small service business owners looking to become experts.

It's a great place to access daily marketing tips, live weekly training, to share your ideas before you launch them and take part in Live members only interviews and Q&As - all with the goal of helping you build an expert business.


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